Magnolia Pictures’ HEADHUNTERS

Norway conjures sun-drenched snow and blond people saying expressions like “super cool.” Let’s face it, as far as we Americans are concerned Norwegians seem as far away as Papua New Guinea. And there’s a cinematic culture there that could easily go head-to-head with what’s coming out of Universal Studios.

Historical movies like Max Manus, named after the World War II hero (available on Netflix Watch Now–I highly recommend it) and the upcoming Headhunters (Magnolia), slated for an April 27 release, both have one thing in common: actor Aksel Hennie. Look too quickly and you’d swear you have a Paul Bettany clone. Hennie, a nearly-established A-list actor on his home turf, plays a a guy who leads a double-life, squeaky clean 9-5er working as a headhunter and art thief by night. Roger (Hennie) likes the shimmer of luxury and needs that second job in order to make it all work.

Much of the high-voltage shenanigans that ensue have the makings of an eminently-watchable and potent thriller. And it helps that Headhunters was adapted from a best-selling novel (book adaptations always fare a lot better where the thriller genre is concerned).

Get more details about Headhunters on the official Magnolia site.

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