Sundance: “MAMACRUZ”

Patricia Ortega’s latest film “MAMACRUZ” is a frank and honest film that speaks to the embracing of one’s sexuality, especially late in life. Spanish actress Kiti Mánver is excellent as Mamacruz, a seamstress, wife, mother, and grandmother, who accidentally clicks on a porn link. Stunned at first, the clip plants the seed of a sexual reawakening within. Instead of denouncing it as sinful (as ... more >

Hollywood Reporter hosts international feature shortlist in Palm Springs

PALM SPRINGS, Calif.—The Oscar is the goal, and before the final five, there is what’s called the “shortlist”—films generating buzz that may or may not get the nod.  The Hollywood Reporter’s Mia Galuppo and Kevin Cassidy led two panels at the Palm Springs International Film Festival of filmmakers shortlisted as Oscar contenders this year for best foreign feature. The first panel held at the ... more >

PALM SPRINGS FESTIVAL, the final dispatch until next year

As is ever the case with film festivals, there aren’t enough hours, or days, to see everything, or even everything on my to-watch list. This despite making my way through screening links in the week prior to even setting foot in California. I tremendously enjoyed my time at the 38th Palm Springs International Film Festival, interviewed some amazing filmmakers and had some singular experiences, ... more >

Luminous Léa Seydoux confronted with caring for an elderly parent in “ONE FINE MORNING” | REVIEW

Starring Léa Seydoux and Pascal Greggory
Directed by Mia Hansen-Løve

Mia Hansen-Løve’s “One Fine Morning”("Un beau matin" in the French original) is an intelligent and warm ode to the sorrows and joys of parenting. A marvelous Léa Seydoux is Sandra, a widow and single mother confronted with a father (Pascal Greggory) who has a disease that is causing the decline of his mental acuity. Sandra is sad, as her father can no longer live alone. As her mother (Nicole ... more >

“THE PALE BLUE EYE”: a candlelit murder tale that uncovers the darker facet of our intellect | REVIEW

Starring Christian Bale, Harry Melling and Simon McBurney
Directed by Scott Cooper

With “The Pale Blue Eye” director Scott Cooper has found his mojo again. Ever since his excellent 2009 directorial debut “Crazy Heart” and his 2013 sophomore effort “Out of the Furnace,” Cooper had struggled to find a strength in his follow up projects. 2015’s true story of Whitey Bolger “Black Mass” was underwhelming. The director’s 2017 Western “Hostiles” suffered from an undercooked ... more >

The infamous human cost of war highlighted in Dror Moreh’s “THE CORRIDORS OF POWER” | INTERVIEW

Genre: documentary

The documentary filmmaker Dror Moreh doesn’t let his view of our species sneak up on you. Speaking on a video call from Tel Aviv recently, the director of “The Corridors of Power” minces no words. “It’s a dark world,” he said, “and the human being is a horrible beast.” Moreh would know. He’s spent the better part of the last decade making the documentary, which not only details the many, ... more >

Guillermo del Toro’s “PINOCCHIO” is pure magic for the heart, and mind | MOVIE REVIEW

Ewan McGregor, John Turturro and Tilda Swinton
Directed by Guillermo del Toro

With artistry and imagination “Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio” arrives in theaters as one of the most stunningly original and pleasing films of 2022. With a marvelous and inventive screenplay from Patrick McHale, Matthew Robbins, and del Toro, the tale is moved to 1900s Europe as fascism takes hold. Woodworker Geppetto (David Bradley) is a beloved citizen in his small Italian town. As the ... more >