From Havana with glitter and love, it’s VIVA !

"It's pretty, it's strong"
Jorge Perugorría, Luis Alberto García and Héctor Medina
Directed by Paddy Breathnach

People walk all over Jesus, partially because he can’t fight back, somehow because he lets them. His best friend is a prostitute who shakes him down for money and hogs his measly apartment to service clients. People have an uncanny ability to not notice him when he walks in a room, unless they need him for something, of course. The gay, femmy son of a famous ex-boxer, Jesus makes ends meet turning ... more >

PREVIEW | The Amish live in the Lower East Side

Siblings, locked in their LES apartment, a world waiting to be discovered outside

The six Angulo brothers have spent their entire lives locked away from society in an apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Nicknamed "the Wolfpack," they're all very bright, home-schooled, have no acquaintances outside their family and have practically never left their home. All they know of the outside world is gleaned from the films they watch obsessively and recreate meticulously, ... more >


We are the best

Fun and lighthearted
Mira Barkhammar and Mira Grosin
Directed by Lukas Moodysson

First seen in the Orizonti section of the 2013 Venice Film Festival this portrait of two young punk girls at the peak of their adolescent years makes for a compelling and fun drama about female friendship. Swedish director Lukas Moodysson of "A hole in my heart" fame (2004) hadn’t directed anything since "Mammoth” which he took to Berlin in 2009 and was received rather coolly. He is making a ... more >

Touchy Feely

[Magnolia Pictures]
Rosemary DeWitt and Ellen Page
Directed by Lynn Shelton

Lynn Shelton is an undeniably accomplished writer, editor, and director; her first film “We Go Way Back” won the grand prize at Slamdance in 2006. Since then she has distinguished herself through her astute observations of human relationships in all their weirdness and confusion. 2009's “Humpday” focused on two male friends considering making a gay porn film together, and led to a remake being ... more >

A hijacking

Pilou Asbæk, Søren Malling and Dar Salim
Directed by Tobias Lindholm

Having begun his career as a TV scribe Tobias Lindholm got co-writing duties on Thomas Vinterberg's "Submarino" (2010) and "The Hunt" (2012). He collaborated with Michael Noer ("Northwest") on scripting and directing in 2010. These efforts seem to have naturally led Lindholm to direct "Hijacking," his first solo effort. Danish cargo ship M.V. Rosen is hijacked in the middle of the Indian Ocean ... more >

A dark truth

Action thriller sees a corporation confronted by a community

In "A dark truth" man's inhumanity and his unconscious actions against the environment are in question, as is his moral and ethical obligation where boundaries, borders and human interaction are concerned. With the problem of our depleting water stock as the backdrop, a multinational corporation disregards basic human needs, which of course results in widespread illness and a social uprising. The ... more >

MAG Pictures Acquires Bel Ami

Film is slated for June 8 release

Magnolia Pictures has acquired the rights to Bel Ami, an adaptation of the Guy Maupassant novel by the same name. Cast includes, Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci (pictured) and Colm Meaney star in the novel about a manipulative young social climber in 19th century Paris. Bel Ami received its world premiere in Berlin last month. Declan Donnellan (a British ... more >