About Us

Screen Comment was born in 2007 in New York City. We love movies and we know how to turn this beautiful love sentiment into words, with the express design of rallying you to our cause.

Regular contributors to Screen Comment include:

Anthony Francis
Eric Althoff
Rudy Cecera
Saideh Pakravan

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If you have a movie review, or a movie-related news piece, interview with an actor, actress, filmmaker or producer, you can send it to the Editor at: ali@screencomment.com.

COMING SOON: The Great Screen Comment Survey for 2020! As a plausible first step towards a redesign project we are putting on the rails, we would like to hear from you, the reader, about which areas of Screen Comment you would like to see improved, what type of movie you’d like to see more coverage on, and a whole host of other questions that concern you and us.

If you’re interested in answering our reader survey, please send an email to ali@screencomment.com to be added to the mailing list. The survey will be sent out to respondents¬†