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Screen Comment was founded in 2006 in New York City by Ali Naderzad. Abbas Kiarostami was coming to Film at Lincoln Center for a screening and a talk that year and Ali Naderzad–a writer and a movie-lover–figured, let’s write a blog post about it.

We love movies and we love to write about them and the people who make them possible. By 2021 we had published over 2,500 movie reviews and interviews with screenwriters and actors, filmmakers, DPs, producers and also festival organizers. We’ve covered festivals, from Sundance to Tribeca, the New York Film Festival, Cannes, Berlin and Venice.

Our ambition, the ongoing mission of Screen Comment, is this: for contributors to write reviews about movies (very recent ones or upcoming releases) across all genres and whether they are world cinema or American cinema.

Every once in a while we publish a news item, to have something other than a review to show on the site. In the sidebar, you’ll find portraits of actresses added regularly by the editor. Those images are chosen, with a photographer’s eye, among many others, for their esthetic value, the person highlighted being mentionworthy at that particular moment (either she’s in a recent movie release or was handed an award).

We’ll also put up trailers of movies, recent and not-so-recent ones, that we think you should pay attention to.

As mentioned above, festivals are regularly written about in the columns of Screen Comment, our contributors having gone to Sundance for Screen Comment and the Cannes Festival having been covered by Ali Naderzad every year ever since 2006. Coverage has also included Tribeca, the New York Film Festival and other events as well. Guest contributors have sent us reports from Berlin and Venice over the years.

Regular contributors to Screen Comment include:

Anthony Francis
Eric Althoff
Rudy Cecera
Saideh Pakravan
Ali Naderzad

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If you have a movie review, or a movie-related news piece, interview with an actor, actress, filmmaker or producer, you can send it to the Editor at: alinaderzad@screencomment.com. We’d love to hear from you.

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