AUTHOR | Eric Althoff


In “The Mauritanian,” so many reminders of our past errors with the Iraqi campaign and why due process must prevail | REVIEW

Film was adapted from 'Guantanamo Diary'
Jodie Foster, Shailene Woodley and Benedict Cumberbatch
Directed by Kevin Macdonald

As we wipe our collective brow after the four-year fever that was the Trump administratio the temptation remains to call him the worst president in our history. For whatever reason, long-term amnesia has set in for the sins of previous presidencies. Lest we never forget, the new film “The Mauritanian” is here to remind us of Bush-era transgressions. “The Mauritanian” is directed by Kevin ... more >


It’s still hard to wrap my mind around the notion that a year ago I was walking the streets of Park City, interviewing filmmakers and catching the latest releases. This year, the festival, like nearly all others, has gone hybrid, with a very few in-person events as audiences and critics have enjoyed the offerings from their covid-safe couches. Here are just a few Sundance ‘21 offerings to keep ... more >

“SUPERNOVA,” no happy endings here, but a rewarding and emotional road movie set against the English countryside starring Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth

Film was mainly shot in Cumbria, England
Colin Firth, Stanley Tucci and Pippa Haywood
Directed by Harry Macqueen

Bring tissues. For if you need a good ugly-cry in a still-young year that has already been filled with so much grief, “Supernova” is your movie. Which isn’t to say that this incredibly heartfelt and sad film isn’t good—far from it. This new film from writer-director Harry Macqueen stars Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci as Sam and Tusker, longtime romantic partners in late middle age on a road trip ... more >

In conversation with the creator and cast of “LOSING ALICE,” airing today on Apple TV +

An erotic neo-noir with a Faustian bargain thrown in

The Apple TV+ series “Losing Alice” fashions an atmosphere of dread in its first moments and never lets up. Over eight episodes this Israeli import, which debuts stateside on Friday, is more about engendering a feeling within the viewer rather than setting up a who-did-what-when thriller procedural. Not that the staples of the mystery genre aren’t present. But unlike lesser shows, which start ... more >

Our interview with the producer of “WHAT WOULD SOPHIA LOREN DO?” now available on Netflix

Produced by Artemis Rising Foundation & Red Light Films
Distributed by Netflix
Directed by Ross Kauffman

Producer Regina K. Scully should have known better than to ask her Italian-American mother, Nancy, to try gluten-free pasta. Nancy glared at her daughter, responding, “What would Sophia Loren do?” That simple retort sparked an idea for Scully, a longtime producer of hard-hitting documentaries that include “Athlete A,” “The Hunting Ground” and “The Invisible War.” Nancy, the daughter of ... more >

Noise, speed and brutality laced with the sweet, human touch of brotherhood; Liam Neeson stars in “THE MARKSMAN” | REVIEW

A character study paired with the thrills of a pursuit across the Southwest
Jacob Perez, Harry Maldonado Teresa Ruiz and Liam Neeson
Directed by Robert Lorenz

It definitely helps to give your protagonist a certain “set of skills,” particularly if he is played by that grand master of icy revenge, Liam Neeson. Neeson, impossibly craggy yet as ruggedly handsome as ever, stars in the new film “The Marksman” as Jim, a widowered Arizona rancher with a history in the armed forces and a rather keen eye with a rifle scope—hence the title. Jim’s ranch abuts ... more >

Leading fans down the scandalously awesome path of rock’n’roll music in “ROCK CAMP THE MOVIE”

Rock On
Produced by David Fishof

The term “weekend warrior” could as easily apply to wannabe rockers as it does to those who speed across the summer lakes—both have day jobs but live for their passions.  And being a so-called “rock god” is the aspiration of a great many, but the statistics are punishing: no matter how good you are, how many hours you devote to music, there are only so many spots at the top, with luck unfairly ... more >