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You’ve already seen “Top Gun: Maverick” and “Jurassic World: Dominion,” so while you wait with baited breath for “Bullet Train” and “Avatar: The Way of Water,” you should seek out these four intriguing films, which, unlike the slam-boom-bang of the big-screen summer tentpoles (not that we don’t love them because we do!), might actually give you something to contemplate after the credits ... more >

The life and times of the former Congresswoman from Arizona; “GABBY GIFFORDS WON’T BACK DOWN” | REVIEW

Beating the odds (and the odds, they were bad)
Directed by Julie Cohen and Betsy West

What an amazing human is the former congresswoman from Arizona, who was shot in the head in 2011 and not only survived but has continued to serve the public. Though Gabby Giffords retired from the House after her near-fatal shooting by an angry and mentally unstable constituent, she somehow still maintains her smile, her poise, her good humor even when it would be more than understandable for her ... more >

The man behind the record books, Nolan Ryan front and center in “FACING NOLAN” | FILM REVIEW

New documentary about baseball great is a love note to its subject
Robert Goldman and Nolan Ryan
Directed by Bradley Jackson

The debates about the greatest pitcher of all time inevitably bring up names including Sandy Koufax, Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens. The latter two appear in “Facing Nolan” to talk about Nolan Ryan, the man who idolized Koufax–and then shattered all of his records. Ryan, now 75 and still sporting that understated grin, sits for writer-director Bradley Jackson’s enthralling new documentary, a ... more >

“There really hasn’t been a lot of stories about Martha; “THE MARTHA MITCHELL EFFECT” on Netflix | INTERVIEW with filmmakers Anne Alvergue and Debra McClutchy

Documentary is available for streaming on Netflix

June 17, 2022, marked the 50th anniversary of the Watergate break-in, the fallout of which would eventually lead to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. Nixon and his tricksters were held to account in the end, largely thanks to brave insiders such as Alexander Butterfield, who disclosed the existence of the secret White House taping system, as well as Martha Mitchell, the wife of Nixon’s ... more >

Dances with Films LA: Jesse Spiegel’s “REWILDING,” Nem Stankovic’s “MY FRIEND TOMMY” and Zahida Pirani’s “EL CARRITO” | WHAT WE LIKE

"Rewilding" Director: Jesse Spiegel Jesse Spiegel got into a lot of trouble as a young man, but his wealthy parents were always able to assist with legal counsel when he landed in court. However, Spiegel couldn’t forget the many Black faces in the courtroom, present without legal representation of any kind. Now an adult, Spiegel has abandoned his hedonistic ways and, through his passion for ... more >


NEW YORK - This year’s Tribeca Film Festival has an incredible array of films, including many great documentaries. There have also been some stellar fictional pieces as well, including one from Alex Heller, talented young actress who wrote and directed her first feature-length film "The year between" and starred in it, too. The future looks bright for her. Here is a brief roundup of some of ... more >

Two highlighted films from the 2022 Human Rights Watch Festival, the Dina Amer-directed “YOU RESEMBLE ME” and “REBELLION”

The Human Rights Watch film festival is in its thirtieth year

Human rights are universal--or so we’d like to believe. The debate rages on and on, and several brave filmmakers have taken to weighing in at this year’s Human Rights Watch Film Festival, taking place this week. Here are two films deserving of attention as the meaning of the universality of rights for all continues to be in doubt for far too many. You Resemble Me Director: Dina Amer In this ... more >