THE IMITATION GAME, a bravura performance, an offering to the Oscars Gods

$7M: that's how much Weinstein paid for the rights to distribute the film
Alexandre Desplat composed the film's score in under three weeks
Directed by Morten Tydlum

Alan Turing was a complex man, a mathematical genius who broke the seemingly unbreakable Enigma code through which the Nazis conducted their war on Europe with encrypted messages. Before that he was a highly gifted student at a public school, years marked by endless bullying and the awakening of homosexual tendencies. At a very young age, he becomes a Fellow at Cambridge University where he ... more >

Magnolia Pictures’ HEADHUNTERS

Coming this April

Norway conjures sun-drenched snow and blond people saying expressions like “super cool.” Let’s face it, as far as we Americans are concerned Norwegians seem as far away as Papua New Guinea. And there's a cinematic culture there that could easily go head-to-head with what’s coming out of Universal Studios. Historical movies like Max Manus, named after the World War II hero (available on Netflix ... more >