SHORT FILM OUTING: L.A.’s DANCES WITH FILM FESTIVAL to showcase a short that caught our fancy

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I’m a fan of a short film that can tell a complete story and foster a solid atmosphere in only so many screen minutes. Accordingly, if you happen to be in Los Angeles in time for the Dances With Film Festival, on september 1st do yourself a favor and check out “A Good Couple,” a dreamy psychological thriller from filmmaker Robert Gregson.

Gregson’s short stars Julie Ann Earls and Alex Mandell as Julia and Dan, a couple heading to an isolated cabin (never the best idea) to try and set their troubled relationship back on the right track. From the start we know things aren’t going well, and Earls and Mandell have an excellent repartee as the quarreling couple. Dan storms off after a tiff, and when he returns, he seems, well, quite different. At first Julia is all smiles at Dan’s seeming turnabout, but soon she will question if this is an impostor.

From there things get even stranger, and at a mysterious cave in the woods, Julia will begin to understand why.

This is a solid effort from Gregson and his talented cast, who ratchet up the tension and make us care about these two people as their reality starts coming undone. It’s a tall order for a short film, but it’s very well accomplished.

“A Good Couple” will play at Dances With Films tomorrow

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