A dark vision of rural America and a visceral moviegoing experience | “RED RIGHT HAND”

Starring Orlando Bloom, Andie MacDowell, Garret Dillahunt and Brian Geraghty
Directed by Eshom Nelms and Ian Nelms

Over the past decade Appalachian-set thrillers have had a rough go of it. 2015’s “The World Made Straight,” “Them That Follow” (2019), they lacked substance. The Ron Howard-directed “Hillbilly Elegy” and “Devil’s Peak” by Ben Young were misguided efforts whose superior casts did not fulfill their promise. This year thankfully brings us Eshom and Ian Nelms’s “Red Right Hand”, a well-directed ... more >

“HE WENT THAT WAY” | Movie Review

A strange meeting took place along route 66
Starring Jacob Elordi, Patrick J. Adams, Zachary Quinto and Troy Evans
Directed by Jeffrey Darling

A man with an ice skating chimpanzee picks up a hitchhiking serial killer. What sounds like the beginning of a joke is actually a true story and the basis for the flawed new film “He Went That Way.” In 1964, a man named Dave Pitts was traveling Route 66 with his trained chimpanzee (who skated in the Ice Capades) when he picked up a young man in need of a ride. His passenger turned out to be a ... more >

“THE MONK AND THE GUN”; film review

[Roadside Attractions]
Starring Tandin Wangchuk, Deki Lhamo, Harry Einhorn and Pema Zangmo Sherpa
Directed by Pawo Choyning Dorji

The influence of the Western world: is it good for the planet? History shows that, perhaps, the U.S. needs to stop pushing our ways on every shore on which we land. Writer/director Pawo Choyning Dorji’s “The Monk and the Gun” examines the pitfalls of democracy and cautions embracing modernization in a land not yet open to the outside world. Dorii’s film contrasts the Bhutanese way of life with the ... more >

Three from this year’s Sundance: “A NEW KIND OF WILDERNESS”; “THE BLEACHER” and “ALL WE CARRY”

“A NEW KIND OF WILDERNESS” Director: Silje Evensmo Jacobsen A tear-jerking documentary follows an Englishman living a pristine life in the Norwegian forest with his wife and family. However, when the matriarch succumbs to cancer, the family must decide how to honor her wishes to remain on the land as the children begin to come of age. A battle between modernity and a more idyllic life is ... more >

“ARGYLLE”; or when art unexpectedly imitates real-world events | MOVIE REVIEW

Starring Sofia Boutella, Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard and Dua Lipa
Directed by Matthew Vaughn

Suspense of an audience's disbelief is a tricky balancing act. In the scope of a film, the proper tone must be set for viewers to accept any type of craziness a filmmaker will throw at them. In today's Hollywood action cinema, the ceiling on "over the top" continues to be raised. Sometimes wild and impossibly executed action set pieces work very well (the "John Wick" and "Mission Impossible" ... more >

PALM SPRINGS FILM FESTIVAL 2024: looking back at the year’s best

"MERCHANT IVORY" Director: Stephen Soucy James Ivory and Ismail Merchant were famous for their period costume dramas such as “Howard’s End” and “The Remains of the Day,” but the pair worked together for decades prior to those hits and Academy Award-winners—and they enjoyed an even more fascinating history and relationship off-set. Ivory, from Oregon, met Merchant, a Muslim from India, in New ... more >

French revenge flick “MAYHEM!” used Thai martial arts for its action scenes and it came out epic

Interview with actor Nassim Lyes and director Xavier Gens
Stars Nassim Lyes, Loryn Nounay and Olivier Gourmet
Directed by Xavier Gens

If you like your martial arts movies fast, violent and brutal, then “Mayhem!” is for you. The new film from French filmmaker Xavier Gens (“Gangs of London”) stars Nassim Lyes (“Cardo,” “Overdose”) as Sam, a recently-paroled inmate trying to walk the straight line outside prison walls. However, an encounter with his former underworld friends turns violent, forcing Sam and his family to leave France ... more >