NEWS: Zurich Fest joins forces with a Montreux institution

Ray Parker, Jr. to present new documentary about his career at event

The Zurich Film Festival and the Montreux Jazz Festival have entered into an alliance alliance. Europe’s most prestigious music festival is on board to present concerts in Zurich as partner of the “SoundTrack_Zurich” industry event which takes place during the Zurich Film Festival. In a bid to further expand its engagement in the field of music, the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) announced the ... more >

“7500,” there’s trouble brewing on the Berlin to Paris flight

When terrorists seize control of your plane
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Omid Memar and Aylin Tezel
Directed by Patrick Vollrath

It is rare when a Hollywood thriller can glue us to our seats. These days, big budget films in this genre are too concerned with creating big action set-pieces meant to be eye candy, rather than crafting smart and interesting situations where the tension comes out of the moment and the characters. Therefore, the best thrillers usually come from the independent or the foreign film worlds. German ... more >

The underdog among America’s rock’n’roll legends Suzie Quattro portrayed in “Suzi Q” (and we love an underdog, don’t we?)

Sometimes a girl just needs to rock’n’roll and in director Liam Firmager’s new documentary “Suzie Q” rock icon Suzi Quatro proves she was born to do just that! Firmager’s film was shot over a four-year period and features an array of musicians who rightfully praise her as an inspiration. Rockers from Joan Jett (who completely idolized Quatro and took over the singer’s leather-clad, no B.S. ... more >

New documentary trains spotlight on American hero come up on the civil rights movement, “John Lewis: Good Trouble”

A indefatigable proponent for civil rights speaks out on screen
Produced by Dawn Porter, Erika Alexander and Laura Michalchyshyn
Directed by Dawn Porter

This is the time. As America’s streets are once again flooded with voices screaming for human rights, the time is now for the views, the heart, the words, and the power of the man who is John Lewis. Director Dawn Porter’s new documentary, “John Lewis: Good Trouble” is an honest look at one of the most important men who ever fought for the civil rights movement. We are lucky that this man is ... more >

INTERVIEW: Jon Shenk & Bonni Cohen,”Athlete A”

A perfect storm of indignation and concerted efforts brings one of America's greatest sexual predators to his knees

The disgraced gymnastics team physician Larry Nassar is in prison for the rest of his natural life, which is a just fate considering the estimated hundreds of young female gymnasts he abused over many years. That was scandal enough, but as we also learned, not only had USA Gymnastics fielded many reports from young athletes about his sexual abuse, but they were summarily ignored and/or the ... more >

AFI Docs | Four documentary films worth noticing

The best from AFI Docs 2020 (final chapter)

(This article closes out Eric Althoff's coverage of this year's AFI Docs festival) "Blood on the Wall' Filmmakers Sebastian Junger and Nick Quested trace the long, long path of Central American migrants “caravaning” to the United States through treacherous areas of Mexico run by the cartels and narcotraffickers.  This intriguing doc examines the issue from all sides, from the poverty endemic ... more >

AFI Docs | “Belly of the Beast”

Modern-day eugenics in California's prisons

(during all of this week, Screen Comment’s Eric Althoff gives readers his take on the choicest films from the 2020 crop of AFI Docs, the world’s premier documentary film festival which took place online this year due to the coronavirus) Incredibly, California didn’t rescind its eugenics laws until 1979.  If that weren’t shocking enough, then “Belly of the Beast” will surely raise eyebrows as ... more >