Gods and Men


Intro: I’ll see you in my dreams, Django Reinhardt / background music: Dancehall Tornado (Original Mix), Way Out West / Outro: It’s like that, RUN DMC (Dance version) / MAIN Snappy Lipstick, original music by Angelo Badalamenti (Holy Smoke), 1999 / The Falls, original music by Ennio Morricone (The Mission), 1986 / I am sorry, original music by James Newton Howard (I Am Legend), 2007 / It’s like that, RUN DMC (Dogma), 1999 / Move to Dungkar, original music by Phillip Glass (Kundun), 1997 / Rise, original music by Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight Rises) 2010 / Coeur de Dieu Monastic Choir (Of Gods and Men), 2010 / Main theme, original music by Brad Fiedel (The Serpent and the Rainbow) 1998.

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