Eighties Cinema – FRANCE

[correction: I mistakenly mentioned on the show that “Destinée” is from “Le Père Noel est une Ordure.” In fact, it’s taken from a clip from “Les Sous-Doués en Vacances.”]

Destinée, sung by Guy Marchand, music by Vladimir Cosma (Les sous-doués en vacances, directed by Claude Zidi), 1982
Reality, sung by Richard Sanderson, music by Vladimir Cosma (La Boum, directed by Claude Pinoteau), 1980
Promenade sentimentale, music by Vladimir Cosma (Diva, directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix), 1981
Main theme, sung by Nicole Croisille), music by Michel Legrand and Francis Lai (Les Uns et les Autres, directed by Claude Lelouch), 1981
Main theme, music by Francis Lai (Les Ripoux, directed by Claude Zidi), 1984
Main theme, music by Gabriel Yared (Camille Claudel, directed by Bruno Nuytten), 1988
My Lady Blue, music by Eric Serra and Luc Besson (The Big Blue, directed by Luc Besson), 1989

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