Eighties Cinema – FRANCE

MOVIETRACKS Episode # 13

[correction: I mistakenly mentioned on the show that "Destinée" is from "Le Père Noel est une Ordure." In fact, it's taken from a clip from "Les Sous-Doués en Vacances."] Destinée, sung by Guy Marchand, music by Vladimir Cosma (Les sous-doués en vacances, directed by Claude Zidi), 1982 Reality, sung by Richard Sanderson, music by Vladimir Cosma (La Boum, directed by Claude Pinoteau), ... more >

Brazilian Cinema nineties and beyond

MOVIETRACKS Episode # 12

Main theme, Caetano Veloso (O Quatrilho, directed by Bruno Barreto), 1995 Original soundtrack, Jacques Merelenbaum and Antonio Pinto (Central Station, directed by Walter Salles), 1998 Original soundtrack, Lucio Maia and Fernando Catatau (Yellow Mango, directed by Claudio Assis), 2002 Na rua, na chuva, na fazenda, Hyldon (City of God, directed by Fernando Meirelles), 2002 Main theme, Andre ... more >

Electronic Music & Cinema: Strange Bedfellows?

MOVIETRACKS Episode # 11

[ERRATUM: it is incorrectly mentioned that Harmony Korine directed "Kids." In fact, this was a Larry Clark-directed film.] Scary monsters and nice sprites, Skrillex (Springbreakers), 2011 Derezzed, Daft Punk (Tron Legacy), 2011 Sound of Violence, Dennis de Laat (The Social Network) 2010 Theme, by Chemical Brothers (Hanna), 2011 One man Army, The Prodigy (Spawn), 1997 ARE YOU A FAN? ... more >

Conflicting Histories: Israel and Palestine

MOVIETRACKS Episode # 10

Kool Shee Helo, composed by Habib Shehadeh Hanna Feat. Reem Talhami (The Band’s Visit), 2007 Incubator, performed by HaClique (Waltz with Bashir), 2006 Lemon Tree, performed by Mira Award (Lemon Tree), 2009 Ana Albi Dalily, performed by Leila Mourad (The Time that Remains), 2009 Mawal, performed by Maher Halabi (Ajami), 2009 Additional music: “Heal my heart” by Kerri Chandler (pictured: a ... more >

Psych ward shenanigans


We'll meet again, sung by Vera Lynn (HellBoy), Rocket Man, sung by Elton John (K-Pax) 2001, Guitars Cadillacs, sung by Dwight Yoakam (Terminator 2) 1991, Nothing really blue, sung by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra (The Princess and The Warrior) 2000, Forgetting, sung by The Feminine Complex (Girl, Interrupted) 1999, Behind Blue Eyes, sung by Limp Bizkit (Gothika), Do It Better, sung by Happy Mondays ... more >

Gods and Men


[CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE] Intro: I'll see you in my dreams, Django Reinhardt / background music: Dancehall Tornado (Original Mix), Way Out West / Outro: It's like that, RUN DMC (Dance version) / MAIN Snappy Lipstick, original music by Angelo Badalamenti (Holy Smoke), 1999 / The Falls, original music by Ennio Morricone (The Mission), 1986 / I am sorry, original music by James Newton Howard (I ... more >

Contemporary Artists and the Biopic Genre


[subscribe to this podcast on iTunes] MOVIETRACKS podcasts are downloadable. Slip them in your iPod or your iPhone, and don't forget to share them with a friend! Here's what you'll find in this episode: La Llorona, composed and performed by Lila Downs (Frida), 2006 She is dancing, composed and performed by Brian Kelly (Basquiat), 1998 Mahogany Hall Stomp, composed and performed by Louis ... more >