EDGAR RAMIREZ, DANNY HUSTON to star in new biopic

"El Libertador" is coming to a theatre near you

Edgar Ramirez, known for his role in Olivier Assayas’s made-for-TV movie Carlos (2010) will be portraying Simon Bolivar in a film to be directed by Alberto Arvelo, with a screenplay penned by Timothy Sexton. Bolivar, a historical figure known as “El Libertador” (the liberator) was a South American anti-colonialism hero. The film will be titled Libertador.

This historical feature-length film will cover Bolivar’s involvement in the nineteenth-century liberation movement in Latin America. He took up arms not only in Venezuela, but also in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, thus gaining the title of “Liberator.” Each of these countries claims Bolivar as one of their own, as national hero (that’s a lot of statues in public squares).

Maria Valverde and Danny Huston have also been attached to the project.

This story was first reported by Variety.