EDGAR RAMIREZ, DANNY HUSTON to star in new biopic

"El Libertador" is coming to a theatre near you

Edgar Ramirez, known for his role in Olivier Assayas’s made-for-TV movie Carlos (2010) will be portraying Simon Bolivar in a film to be directed by Alberto Arvelo, with a screenplay penned by Timothy Sexton. Bolivar, a historical figure known as “El Libertador” (the liberator) was a South American anti-colonialism hero. The film will be titled Libertador. This historical feature-length film ... more >

REVIEW – Carlos

[rating=3] For this major undertaking director French director Olivier Assayas ("Summer hours") spent two years researching his subject with the help of reporter Stephen Smith; final cost of the project? A mere nineteen million. “Carlos,” which in its original iteration lasted five hours and thirty-three minutes (the Cannes screening lasted that long, a major commitment for the journalist in ... more >