Charlie Sheen falls prey to Canadian humorists

Québec-bound comedic dream-team have their way

What’s France’s hottest property right now? Jean Dujardin. What does he have in common with Charlie Sheen? Nothing.

Until now.

Figuring they have carte blanche for all kinds of shenanigans (a strange prerogative to have among comedians), a team of Canadian radio pranksters named les Justiciers masqués (the masked vigilantes) called up Charlie Sheen with a job offer, and Charlie Sheen got played like a fiddle–listen to the clip below. First, Charlie’s agent congratulates the counterfeit Jean; he then patches Charlie in.

Sure, there’s that uneasy moment when you think, boy, they’ve got him good and Sheen is being humiliated. But the clip’s somewhat greater value is to illustrate the aftermath of a WINNING streak in Hollywood. Doors are opened and celebs eat out of the palm of your hand.

No hard feelings we hope, Charlie.



  1. Mark Beadin says

    Funny guys! In fact they’re called The Masked Avengers!