CANNES – Jean Dujardin returns in Quentin Dupieux’s “Deerskin” (Director’s Fortnight)

“Forty-four-year-old Georges and his 100% suede jacket have a plan”

Led by Jean Dujardin and Adèle Haenel, "Deerskin" is Quentin Dupieux’s seventh feature. Among the most singular directors in the contemporary film scene, Quentin Dupieux is also a screenwriter, director of photography, film editor and composer of electronic music, known internationally as Mr. Oizo (film was named "Le Daim" in France). "Deerskin" marks the return to Cannes of Jean Dujardin in a ... more >

JEAN DUJARDIN gets role in next Martin Scorcese movie

The Wolf of Wall Street was adapted from a memoir

Jean Dujardin, who last February won the Oscar for Best Actor for his turn in The Artist, is in talks with Martin Scorsese to star in his next film, The Wolf of Wall Street. The French actor, 39, who was unknown here a year ago, will join Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill in this film about the rise and fall of a Wall Street financier-- shooting is scheduled to begin this summer in New ... more >

Charlie Sheen falls prey to Canadian humorists

Québec-bound comedic dream-team have their way

What’s France’s hottest property right now? Jean Dujardin. What does he have in common with Charlie Sheen? Nothing. Until now. Figuring they have carte blanche for all kinds of shenanigans (a strange prerogative to have among comedians), a team of Canadian radio pranksters named les Justiciers masqués (the masked vigilantes) called up Charlie Sheen with a job offer, and Charlie Sheen got ... more >

Jean Dujardin wins SAG Award

But the Best Film nod goes to The Help

Out of nowhere French actor Jean Dujardin appeared and made the world's stage his. The convivial acteur has just won the Best Actor award at the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) awards last night in Los Angeles for his performance in The Artist (this follows the film's garnering of multiple Golden Globe awards in a recent ceremony). Though I'm not sure why, the SAG award for best film went to The Help, ... more >

The Artist

A gem of a film you won't want to miss
Jean Dujardin, Bérénice Béjo and John Goodman
Directed by Michel Hazanivicius

American audiences who would pass on Michel Hazanavicius’s The Artist because a) it’s a silent movie and b) it’s in black and white, will be missing one of the best films in decades. Just like some of its unforgettable elders in the silent-film era, The Artist is funny, touching without being sentimental, with story line and feelings perfectly conveyed without words. If you ever wondered how ... more >