Lizzy Caplan

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You probably first heard about her in Cloverfield and later in Hot Tub Time Machine. Then, after watching her on the Starz T.V. series Party Down you made up your mind: Lizzy Caplan has all the attributes of a star: good looks and comedic flair (very important, America—look at the previous rise of Jennifer Aniston).

With her television series coming to an end in 2010, Caplan has been keeping busy, what between appearances on other television series, like The Cleveland Show, and several movie roles.

But Caplan is buzz-worthy now more than ever. A as-yet unreleased movie that’s lighting up the blogosphere is Queens of Country, in which Caplan shares the marquee with Ron Livingston. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’ve read that the film’s two directors Ryan Page and Christopher Pomerenke have described the film as being “equal parts Raising Arizona and Urban Cowboy with a dash of Rocky Horror” (Phoenix Magazine, February). In it, Caplan plays a small-town ingénue deeply absorbed in all things Grand Ole Opry. She finds an iPod whose playlists open up her heart and set her on a chase for its owner and likely future soulmate. The movie sounds like a lot of fun and could be a chance to see the full scope of Caplan’s talent for comedy on display.

Caplan most recently was at the Sundance Festival to promote two movies, Bachelorette and Save the Date.

Watch out world: here comes Lizzy Caplan.

Queens of country is currently up for distribution (Facebook fan page:

(photos: on the set of Queens of Country with cinematographer Dan Stoloff; with Party Down co-star Adam Scott; Party Down)