PEOPLE TO WATCH: Christian Tye

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Born and raised in North London, Christian Tye has already made his mark on Hollywood by producing a short, entitled “Trip’s Duplage” at 22. There’s already some Cannes buzz about the film, which was produced by Tye with Mosaic Media Group. It stars British actress Stephanie Beacham and Spencer Squire.

Tye has starred in stage productions and also had a part in Rupert Everett’s 2018 directorial debut “The Happy Prince,” alongside Everett and Colin Firth. He has various projects lined up for 2019, including roles in two major feature films.

Not only does Christian excel at acting but he’s also a confident screenwriter, having written several scripts. He attended acting school in his native England.

Christian is a new breed of young actor who creates opportunities for himself rather than waiting for producers or casting directors to knock on his door. For all these reasons, he’s in PEOPLE TO WATCH.

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