In the news: Weinsteins snap up MADONNA movie W.E.

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I’m such an optimist. NOT.

I read in the Hollywood Reporter that the Weinstein company has just acquired the rights to distribute a Madonna-directed movie called “W.E.” And like  THR reported, this wouldn’t actually be Madge’s first movie, since she previously directed “The Filth and The Fury.”

My question is, why Madge? The quinquagenarian who can still fill stadiums worldwide has had a spotty record with filmmaking, whether as actor, director or producer. At the same time, and this is where my optimist side is showing, W.E. could help establish Madonna as a legitimate director and I am all for that. But not so fast, you say? Well, O.K. What’s the pros and cons?

Con: My biggest problem with Madonna directing is the fact that she’s never really mentioned liking movies. Because to make a good movie, you have to have known good cinema. I never read anything or see anything about Madonna discussing the pluses and minuses of a movie that’s important to her. What did she think of Terrence Malick’s “Tree of life,” for example? Discuss.

And how do we know what she likes, movie-wise? Is she a Gaspar Noe fanatic, and if so, why? Does she count “Citizen Kane” as part of her ten best movies of all time? If that’s the case, then you guessed it—I’d like to know why and if not, why not.

Pro: she’s worked with some of the best video directors of all time and probably has been ‘influenced’ by them.

I can hear you snicker and shrug, and you’re about to argue that being a great music video director doesn’t make one a good movie director. There are some notable exceptions: David Fincher or, when he’s actually working, Spike Jonze.

So by osmosis, or otherwise, Madge has known great music video directors and that has to have affected her stylistically. You can’t spend seven days inside a room with Jonas Åkerlund without getting a few lessons out of it. And there were those collaborations with Steven Klein (gallery), which also likely shaped her.

Oh. And there’s that thing about being married to Guy Ritchie for a New York minute, which in the beginning of Mr. Ritchie’s career wasn’t a good thing for Mrs. Ritchie’s future credentials as filmmaker (Ritchie’s films weren’t always so reliable)—but then there was “Rocknrolla” and “Sherlock Holmes” and all was well again, the Guy Ritchie we knew started kicking ass again.

Right. So the movie itself, which is called W.E. and which whose rights were acquired by the Weinstein Company, is a period piece, according to T.H.R., and will star Andrea Riseborough, Abbie Cornish and James D’Arcy.

The Weinsteins are the perfect place for Madge to potentially start her career as filmmaker and make a splashy debut. They are in the best in the world at marketing the movie that no one wants to buy or see.

It’s noteworthy that Madonna will be teaming up with Alek Keshishian, yes, the same Alek who directed Madonna’s 1991 video “Truth or Dare.” A very intriguing partnership—why would Madge give up half of her directorial control to someone with no apparent added value?

That remains to be seen.