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In “Rubber,” directed by Quentin Dupieux, why does a tire inexplicably come to life and devote that life to killing things? No reason. This film, as bizarre a concept as it might be to wrap your head around (not the-tire-coming-to-life part, but the part about things happening incessantly for no reason), is quite a comical film.

The movie opens with a nervous-looking man holding a few dozen binoculars in each hand on a dirt road littered with upright chairs blocking the path. A car barrels down the path knocking over each chair. The car stops, the trunk pops open and a sheriff (Stephen Spinella) pops out holding a glass of water. He begins to explain the concept of “no reason” in what appears to be an attempt to break the fourth wall but he is really talking to a group of spectators behind a velvet rope. They are the audience who will be watching the film as a rubber tire comes to life, discovers himself and his thirst for killing. The film follows the tire as well as the spectators as the film progresses.

Kind of a cool concept for a film, especially backed by a great soundtrack most of which was created by Dupieux (going by the nom de plume “Mr. Oizo”) and Gaspard Augé, otherwise known for his work as one half of French duo “Justice” (D.A.N.C.E). Mr. Oizo is also no stranger to the film and music scene having previously made “Steak” and “Nonfilm” with fellow musician Sébastien Tellier. The soundtrack and the concept of the film, as well as a tire as the lead character make for one crazy wacked film that could have been a lot shorter but still didn’t cease to entertain and amuse. There is no reason not to see this film.

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