CANNES – Jean Dujardin returns in Quentin Dupieux’s “Deerskin” (Director’s Fortnight)

“Forty-four-year-old Georges and his 100% suede jacket have a plan”

Led by Jean Dujardin and Adèle Haenel, "Deerskin" is Quentin Dupieux’s seventh feature. Among the most singular directors in the contemporary film scene, Quentin Dupieux is also a screenwriter, director of photography, film editor and composer of electronic music, known internationally as Mr. Oizo (film was named "Le Daim" in France). "Deerskin" marks the return to Cannes of Jean Dujardin in a ... more >


 [rating=2] In "Rubber," directed by Quentin Dupieux, why does a tire inexplicably come to life and devote that life to killing things? No reason. This film, as bizarre a concept as it might be to wrap your head around (not the-tire-coming-to-life part, but the part about things happening incessantly for no reason), is quite a comical film. The movie opens with a nervous-looking man holding a ... more >