AUTHOR | Eric Isaac


Lucy Mulloy’s “Una Noche”

When all that separates you from freedom is the open sea

Havana’s busy streets, the tense subtext of Cuba’s confinement politics, a desperate escape via the sea; “Una Noche” has all the elements of an eminently-compelling feature film and newcomer filmmaker Lucy Mulloy shows that she’s up to the task. Lila is a socially-awkward young woman who’s very close to her twin brother, Raul, himself in love with a troubled youngster named Elio. The two men ... more >

TRIBECA FESTIVAL | “The revisionaries”

Reinventing a world that no longer fits

Fresh off the heels of “Bully” the salient and engaging documentary “The Revisionaries” could be the sequel to the “What’s Wrong With American Schools Now?” series. “Revisionaries” centers on conservative Texas School Board member Don McLeroy, a creationist who’s apparently made it his life’s goal to impose creationist beliefs in public school curricula while simultaneously working to discredit ... more >

TRIBECA FESTIVAL | Next stop Francophrenia

Experimenting with the id, superid, and the ego

James Franco has a lot going for himself. At thirty-four he’s already had a prolific career having risen from the parapets of television to Hollywood challenger status all while attending grad school and appearing in a daytime soap. But doesn’t this sound like the last-ditch attempt of a fading star seeking to reclaim the limelight? In interviews I’ve seen of him Franco appears as nothing more ... more >

TRIBECA FESTIVAL | Ira Sachs’s “Keep The Lights On”

Venturing out toward dangerous extremes

Spanning ten years through the late Nineties Keep The Lights On by Ira Sachs (Forty shades of blue, Married life) chronicles a doomed relationship spawned from a one-night-stand. In a dingy New York bedroom Erik trolls the phone sex lines looking for a score. His efforts lead him to a man named Paul in Chelsea, who’s looking for the same. Soon thereafter, it is revealed that our real antagonist ... more >

Brazil’s tribes at the heart of NEW CAO HAMBURGER MOVIE

A narrative of vanquishment, repeated
João Miguel, Felipe Camargo and Caio Blat
Directed by Cao Hamburger

Claudio, Orlando and Leonardo Villas Boas are spirited young brothers in search of a path in life in 1943, during a period of historic industrial and agricultural growth in newly-democratic Brazil. They sign up to travel to the Xingu region of the Amazon to help build a landing strip near indigenous lands. But in order to do this, they must gain the natives' trust. Xingu, based on true events, ... more >

The KONY 2012 Fail

When an overnight-success documentary backfires big

Something strange happened on Facebook and Twitter earlier this week. It started with the occasional post and then later my feed just completely exploded. The Kony 2012 documentary had gone massively viral in just under 24 hours. I watched the thirty minute-long video, having absolutely no idea what it is was that I was going to watch. And when the video was over, I had absolutely no idea what ... more >

The Trip

Culinary adventures plus British wit equals great fun
Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon
Directed by Michael Winterbottom

Michael Winterbottom’s latest feature, “The Trip” which stars Steve Coogan (pictured, right) and Rob Brydon (a BAFTA-nominated actor who's very popular in Great Britain), makes for brilliant improvisational comedy. The film is set largely in restaurants throughout northern England and is a hilarious take on the conversations between two comedians as they attempt to outdo each other in celebrity ... more >