Albert Finney, British actor and five-time Oscar nominee, dies at 82

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Finney, one of the greatest, is gone but images from his tremendous cinema resume come flooding our memory. The role in Arthur in “Saturday night and Sunday morning” (1960) of course, his heavy working-class features immediately making cinema history, and from then on and on, in an extraordinary variety of parts. My favorite, of course, remains Sir in “The Dresser” (1983) alongside long-suffering Tom Courtenay, another great British actor. Remember the booming voice as Sir arrives late at the station and bellows, “Stop that train!” Listen again, that particular moment is all over the internet. It’s good to hear Albert Finney’s voice once more, but hard to realize we will only have memories from now on, from the man who relied on himself and his extraordinary talent enough to bypass all other honors when proferred, even by the Queen’s hand.