CANNES FESTIVAL | All about Nicholas’s mother

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The press conference for the new Nicholas Winding Refn film “The Neon Demon” was held this morning here at the Palais, following a smashing premiere screening last night (the film was fantastic, take my word for it). One of my friends, Gatien Monloyer, is one of the cameramen who have a permanent spot at the back of the room on the audiovisual bridge. Over lunch today he explains that, the journalists present at the press conference were very much divided, with some professing their admiration for Winding Refn and others vowing to destroy “The Neon Demon” in their articles. Monloyer commented to a woman standing next to him with her professional steadycam: “this movie really has divided people, hasn’t it?” She sized him up and replied, “oh, don’t you worry about that, the film is a complete masterpiece.”

Afterward, Monloyer found out he had been speaking to Winding Refn’s mother. True story.