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Santiago Mitre was born in Buenos Aires and studied at the Universidad del Cine, a time during which he directed several short films (see a sample of his work here In 2004 Mitre co-directed with Alejandro Fadel, Martin Mauregui and Juan Schnitman a film called “EL AMOR, PRIMERA PARTE. For the next two years Mitre worked in advertising as director until 2006 when he started to write scripts for television and feature films. Mitre wrote the screenplay for “LEONERA”, directed by Pablo Trapero and got selected at the Cannes Festival in 2008. The collaboration with Trapero carried on with Mitre producing the screenplay for CARANCHO, which was also picked up by the Cannes Festival in 2010.

After EL ESTUDIANTE (THE STUDENT) Santiago Mitre’s second film, PAULINA takes on a difficult subject matter. In LA PATOTA actress Dolores Fonzi plays a woman who walks away from a successful career in law to become a political culture teacher in Argentina’s underserved communities. With PAULINA Santiago Mitre “adopts a stance similar to that of his heroine, which brings him to alternately question opposite viewpoints through sudden flashbacks and shifting storytelling” (according to a review in French daily Libération). Mitre won the Nespresso Grand Prize at the 2015 Semaine de la Critique program at Cannes in 2015.

PAULINA will be distributed in France next month. No information on a U.S. rollout as of yet.

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Poster for PAULINA

Poster for PAULINA

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