OH CHARLOTTE, WHY? French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg attached to “Independence Day 2”

June 1996 –  “Independence Day” slain the monster, bringing in more than $ 300 million in sales. Its director, Roland Emmerich, has planned a sequel, called “ID2,” and pre-production is to begin in the next few weeks. But that’s not really all that exciting anymore. What’s interesting, and rather weird, is the fact that French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg will have a leading role in “ID2.” Yes, Gainsbourg, the daughter of macho-alcoholic singer-composer Serge Gainsbourg, husband of Jane Birkin, and the man behind many a catchy love ballad in the seventies and eighties.

This is not the actress’s first English-language film, per se. The London-born Frenchie is fluent in English and has appeared in several English-language films, including a few by Lars Von Trier (“Antichrist,” “Nymphomaniac I and II,” to name a few). To see her in a Hollywood blockbuster, however, is less common. And yet, Gainsbourg is not, apparently, fundamentally opposed to appearing in big, brash and FX-heavy films.

In the past she has been offered a role in the fourth installment of “Terminator” but, as she told French media recently, she wiggled out of it at the last minute, commenting that, “they wanted me to sign, telling me a better role awaited after that, but the script just sucked too badly.”

Gainsbourg will appear alonside Liam Hemsworth (“Hunger Games”) and Jeff Goldblum. Shooting for “ID2” is set to begin in May of this year.

Nothing is sacred in this world. Except for a actor’s prerogative to not get involved in the big CGI extravaganzas that are design solely around popcorn and soda size (and believe me, I’m all about this). And here I thought that, unlike her compadre Léa Seydoux, Gainsbourg was pretty much vaccinated against blockbusters (which, mind you, have their place in film, obviously. But aren’t these roles better left to the Shailene Woodleys and the Will Smiths of the world? I mean, would you want to see Will Smith or Shailene Woodley in the next Lars Von Trier film? Sure, it could work). The allure of a Hollywood payday must’ve been too great for Gainsbourg to refuse this role in “ID2.” Compared to what she earns on a Lars Von Trier movie, it’s probably apples and oranges).

Ach. Go with God, Charlotte. Good on you!

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