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The Kids generation is back and skateboarding down the red carpet.

Larry Clark’s new film “The Smell of Us,” the first he’s made outside the United States, comes nearly twenty years after his scandal-stirring “Kids.”

Just hours ago the film’s international distributor, Wild Bunch, confirmed that Larry Clark’s new film will have its world premiere at Venice Days, and this latest entry on our lineup now rounds out the program of the independent sidebar of the Venice Film Festival.

The film will screen at Venice Days on Sunday, August 31.

Written with Mathieu Landais during Clark’s “new life” in Paris, and starring Michael Pitt, Alex Martin, and Niseem Theillaud, “The Smell of Us” is, as the director puts it, “the portrait of a group of self-destructive skateboarders in Paris.”

The film revolves around a group of kids who meet up everyday at the Dôme, behind Paris’ Museum of Modern Art and in front of the Eiffel Tower. Here they can skate, play around and even have sex. Two of them are inseparable, bonding over their dysfunctional families. But a sense of ennui, the allure of easy money and online anonymity will all have a hand in smashing their universe (the content of this article was taken from a Venice Days press release)