Larry Clark’s latest

It's like "Kids" but it's set in France

The Kids generation is back and skateboarding down the red carpet. Larry Clark's new film "The Smell of Us," the first he's made outside the United States, comes nearly twenty years after his scandal-stirring "Kids." Just hours ago the film's international distributor, Wild Bunch, confirmed that Larry Clark's new film will have its world premiere at Venice Days, and this latest entry on our ... more >

Larry Clark to show “Marfa Girl” online

His new film earned top nod at Euro fest

"Marfa Girl," the latest Larry Clark film which won the top prize the Rome Film Festival, will not be watchable in America's theaters or be released on DVD, according to an announcement found on the filmmaker's site. Clark decided on a kind of virtual four-walling of this new feature film, bypassing traditional distribution schemes entirely and showing his new film exclusively on his site ... more >