CANNES FESTIVAL – Alba Rohrwacher makes her entrance

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Alba Rorhwacher, an Italian actress whose Audrey Hepburn-like grace matches her exceptional qualities as actress became known to American audiences for playing Tilda Swinton’s daughter in “Amore.”

She will be coming to the Cannes Festival next week to support “Le Meraviglie” (“The wonders,” in Italian) a film in which she has the leading role, and which was directed by her sister Alice Rohrwacher.

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It’s the end of summer, a village in the Umbria region of Italy. Gelsomina (played by Rohrwacher) and her three younger sisters live on a dilapidated farm where they produce honey. Their father, who believes that the end of the world is near, keeps his daughters isolated from everything and everyone. And yet, the strict paternal rules keeping the family together soon come undone after the arrival of a young delinquant into the neighborhood. In a narrative turn reminiscent of Matteo Garrone’s 2012 “Reality,” the village also becomes the shooting location for a televised game.

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Alba Rohrwacher came on our radar in 2010 with Saverio Costanzo’s “The solitude of prime numbers,” a film in which she appeared as Alice Della Rocca. “Prime numbers” was not very well-received but Rohrwacher gave one of the most haunting performances we had seen in a while (see video below).

The Florentine actress has also played an anti-euthanasia activist in Marco Bellochio’s “Sleeping Beauty.” At just thirty she already has a long acting resume. This is the first time that we’ll see her on the red carpet at Cannes.


Rohrwacher with Tilda Swinton in “Amore”

THE LATEST: Rohrwacher just finished shooting a new film with Saverio Costanzo in New York City, called “Hungry Hearts.”

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