VIDEO MASHUP: Watching movies in hotels

Hotels provide the perfect backdrop for filmmaking: they’re anonymous and decorative at the same time, providing plenty of opportunities for characters to try out new ambitions and luxuriate in temporary poshness.

Infidel couples can indulge themselves in their queen-sized sandbox, writers can have a moment’s peace to grope around for a resolution of their memoir’ passionless third act, and high-class villains can their a victory dance without nary a care.

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Credit ought to be given to hotels more often.

The incomparable French channel Arte did a video mash-up tribute, of sorts, slicing up image and sound from the best scenes from “King of New York,” “Young & Beautiful” (which we reviewed this week), “The Conversation,” “The Shining” and “Barton Fink,” to name a few.

With smart cut-ups, Barton Fink (played by John Turturro) is distracted by some sound, but it’s not that of his next-door neighbor (played by John Goodman) crying but rather Christopher Walken’s dancing in Abel Ferrara’s “King of New York.”

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