James Cameron in N.Z. to work on “Avatar”

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Two sequels and a prequel are in the works for the “Avatar” franchise, as has previously been announced. Actress Sigourney Weaver revealed to the site Showbz41 that she would play Dr. Grace Augustine again for three new films starting in early September, along with Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington.

This confirms that James Cameron’s moving ahead with his plans, that which he had told the New York Times in May. “I am working on Avatar, that’s all. I’m working on Avatar 2, Avatar 3, and maybe Avatar 4, I’m not going to be producing anyone’s movies. I’m not interested in any other scripts. I believe I can say everything I need through the Avatar movies, all that concerns the state of our world today, all that which we must undertake on its behalf. And to do it in an entertaining manner.”

Whereas the first sequel, which will be about Pandora’s oceans, could come out at the end of 2014, Avatar 4 would be a prequel to the saga, retelling the first human expeditions to Pandora. In order to see this titanic-sized project through, Cameron has settled down in an isolated farm in New Zealand and begun to write screenplays.