James Cameron in N.Z. to work on “Avatar”

Sig Weaver's revelations to site confirm she'll reprise role

Two sequels and a prequel are in the works for the "Avatar" franchise, as has previously been announced. Actress Sigourney Weaver revealed to the site Showbz41 that she would play Dr. Grace Augustine again for three new films starting in early September, along with Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington. This confirms that James Cameron's moving ahead with his plans, that which he had told the New ... more >


New update of the now-classic film is a roaring success

Who would've thought that James Cameron, an action movies filmmaker par excellence (Aliens, Terminator and True Lies, to name a few) would direct one of the most spectacular movies of all time? An avid deep-sea diver, Cameron had always shown a great interest in the Titanic story. But before the movie could see light of day it took no less than eight months of filming, a reconstitution of the ... more >

By CRAIG YOUNKIN - February 4, 2010The Good: Sexy “House” star Olivia Wilde will be joining the Daniel Craig film “Cowboys and Aliens,” not a sequel of “Monsters Vs. Aliens” but a cool mash-up of a sci-fi alien flick and a western. The film has some very cool people behind it, screenwriters Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman (“Star Trek”) are writing the script along with Lost producer Damon Lindeloff ... more >


Neo-colonialism Hollywood-style. I'm just saying.
Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver
Directed by James Cameron

In the many early raves for James Cameron’s Avatar, one critic compared the film to the first major talkie, 'The Jazz Singer.' Not a bad comparison. The 1927 audience for that film was undoubtedly astounded by that first magic sprinkling of sound onto film. Yet 1927 happens to be the greatest year for silent filmmaking. Few would think of 'The Jazz Singer' as being artistically in the same league ... more >

AVATAR – coming to a theatre near you

Get ready for the blue hurricane

This week is Avatar week, all aboard for a December 18th theatrical release--and B.O. bonanza? In fact, all eyes will be turned to Avatar to see how well this behemoth-sized movie will do at the box office beyond this week. Did you know that the studio, Twentieth Century Fox, will have spent close to half a billion dollar on this film? It's no secret that Hollywood has become risk-adverse in ... more >