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By CRAIG YOUNKIN – February 4, 2010

The Good: Sexy “House” star Olivia Wilde will be joining the Daniel Craig film “Cowboys and Aliens,” not a sequel of “Monsters Vs. Aliens” but a cool mash-up of a sci-fi alien flick and a western. The film has some very cool people behind it, screenwriters Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman (“Star Trek”) are writing the script along with Lost producer Damon Lindeloff and Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, and Brian Grazer are producing. Sounds like an awesome flick. Can’t wait!

The Bad: Just like Hollywood. Avatar isn’t even dead and cold yet and we’re already talking about an unnecessary, piggy-backing sequel to the highest grossing film of all time (Congrats again Mr. Cameron). Twentieth Century Fox wants a sequel, James Cameron is going over ideas, but is copying the same world all over again the best way to use this exquisite technology?

The Ugly: Watchmen 2? It could happen. DC Comics Senior Vice President Dan Didio is looking to make sequels, prequels, and the like out of Watchmen characters and now that President Paul Levitz has left DC comics and author Alan Moore has dissociated himself from the graphic novel it appears that Didio is in charge and characters may wind up appearing in other films. I know Hollywood is desperate for superheroes to turn into movies but this is like taking a shit on a work of art, by which I mean Didio taking a shit on the graphic novel. They already screwed up the first movie as is (illustration by Brent Brown)