NEXT MONTH | Francois Ozon’s new “In the House”

A sixteen year-old boy, Claude, (Ernst Unhauer) gradually insinuates himself into the house of a fellow high-school student, Rapha, (Bastien Ughetto) and writes about his family in essays that perversely blur the lines between reality and fiction for his jaded literature teacher, Germain (the exceptional French actor Fabrice Luchini). Intrigued by this gifted and unusual student, Germain rediscovers his taste for teaching, but the boy’s intrusion sparks a series of uncontrollable events. Kristin Scott-Thomas plays Germain’s wife, Jeanne, a contemporary art gallery director, who, alongside her husband, avidly follows Claude’s semi-imaginary escapades, while Emmanuelle Seigner plays Rapha’s mom, Claude’s object of desire.

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One of the most prolific writer-directors working in French cinema, Francois Ozon has explored and subverted many genres in films including “Water Drops on Burning Rocks,” “Criminal Lovers,” “Under the Sand,” “8 Women,” “Swimming Pool,” “5×2,” “Time To Leave,” “Hideaway” and “Potiche,” which starred Catherine Deneuve. He recently completed his latest film, “Jeune et Jolie.” “In the house” was adapted from a Spanish play by Juan Mayorga.

“In the house” won the Best Screenplay (Prize of the Jury) prize at the 2012 San Sebastian Film Festival (visit the San Sebastian Film Festival site)