CANNES FESTIVAL: the right to one’s honor writ large in Francois Ozon’s “EVERYTHING WENT FINE”

This film is competing for the Palme D’Or

CANNES, France - To commit suicide is a weighty and personal matter, decency would have one take care of this business all on their own, without notifying anyone, let alone get several people to help you organize your sign-off party. But this is just what Monsieur Bernheim (France's eminent actor André Dussolier) asked of his two daughters, Emmanuelle (Sophie Marceau) and her sister (Geraldine ... more >

Young & Beautiful

Very young. Very beautiful.
Marine Vacth and Géraldine Pailhas
Directed by François Ozon

Four songs and four seasons provide the pace of “Young and beautiful” (title in French: "Jeune et Jolie"), the absorbing new film by France's Francois Ozon (“The swimming pool”) which comes out this week. But the film's neat organization serves another purpose: to make the whiplash effect that will be felt later on even cruder. As he's done in previous films Ozon frames family life ... more >


The new Ozon is a thing to behold

Four songs and four seasons provide the pace in “Young and beautiful,” (original title: "Jeune et Jolie") the engrossing film by France’s filmmaker Francois Ozon (“The swimming pool”) in competition this year. They provide a neat way to organize the film but also reinforce our oh-so-wrong expectations as we settle into the quaint family vignettes which he tenders in the first part of his film: a ... more >

NEXT MONTH | Francois Ozon’s new “In the House”

French pic opens April 19th in limited markets

A sixteen year-old boy, Claude, (Ernst Unhauer) gradually insinuates himself into the house of a fellow high-school student, Rapha, (Bastien Ughetto) and writes about his family in essays that perversely blur the lines between reality and fiction for his jaded literature teacher, Germain (the exceptional French actor Fabrice Luchini). Intrigued by this gifted and unusual student, Germain ... more >

Big French win at San Sebastian Fest

François Ozon win caps fest's anniversary edition

French film director François Ozon won the Golden Shell for Best Picture at the 60th San Sebastian Film Festival during a ceremony on Saturday for his film “In the house.” [François Ozon directed "The Swimming Pool" and more recently "Potiche," both of which are on Netflix] In his film, which was loosely adapted from a play by Spanish playwright Juan Mayorga, actor Fabrice Luchini ("The ... more >


Legendary actress Catherine Deneuve shines very brightly
Catherine Deneuve, Jérémie Régnier and Gérard Depardieu
Directed by François Ozon

French actress Catherine Deneuve has never been terribly hip, thank God, but she has been consistent in popping up on the big screen year in and year out. But her career did go through a period of slouching as Deneuve seemed to be lining up one uninspiring movie role after another in the last decade. There were some courageous choices, such as Je Veux Voir, a documentary in which she travels to ... more >