A dark truth

In “A dark truth” man’s inhumanity and his unconscious actions against the environment are in question, as is his moral and ethical obligation where boundaries, borders and human interaction are concerned. With the problem of our depleting water stock as the backdrop, a multinational corporation disregards basic human needs, which of course results in widespread illness and a social uprising. The tumult causes unlikely allies to conspire and seek redemption for past deeds and the greater good.

Andy Garcia, Kim Coates, Deborah Kara Unger, Eva Longoria and Forest Whitaker star in this action thriller, which was written and directed by Damian Lee. Kevin Durand, Devon Bostick, Lara Daans and Steven Bauer are also in the cast. The film’s a co-production between Rollercoaster Entertainment and Vortex Words + Pictures, and Gary Howsam and Bill Marks are producing. Jeff Sackman, Garcia and Coates are the executive producers.

“A Dark Truth” will be available on Magnolia On-Demand November 29, 2012 and in theaters January 4, 2013 from Magnolia Pictures.

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