“Arrival” by Denis Villeneuve

Strange encounters
Amy Adams, Jeremy Renners and Forest Whittaker
Directed by Denis Villeneuve

After too many Metaphysics 101 (Malik’s “Tree of Life” and Gaspard Noe’s “Love” come to mind) and anguished what’s-the-meaning-of life questions awkwardly addressed, Denis Villeneuve’s “Arrival” takes us into adult territory. The Canadian filmmaker has already accustomed us to his diverse and masterful corpus of works, so his venture into science-fictionish territory doesn’t disappoint. Twelve ... more >

A dark truth

Action thriller sees a corporation confronted by a community

In "A dark truth" man's inhumanity and his unconscious actions against the environment are in question, as is his moral and ethical obligation where boundaries, borders and human interaction are concerned. With the problem of our depleting water stock as the backdrop, a multinational corporation disregards basic human needs, which of course results in widespread illness and a social uprising. The ... more >