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On the “Rebel Rebel” L.P. Bowie sang, “You’ve got your mother in a whirl / She’s not sure if you’re a boy or a girl.” These lyrics are perfectly suited to an upcoming film about the Thin White Duke to be directed by Wim Reygaert and Stephen and David Dewaele of the Soulwax DJ collective. Soulwax, an alternative/rock/electronic collective from Belgium, has often performed under the moniker 2manydjs (known for their excellent mash-ups and lively concert performances) and remixed Daft Punk and LCD Soundsystem, to name a few. The filmmakers cast the androgynous model Hannelore Knuts for the main role of Ziggy Stardust, a very good choice. Tilda Swindon was initially approached about taking on the role. The film, simply titled “Dave” will pay tribute to the transformative power of the singer-chameleon.

“Bowie is the ideal person for this kind of visual experience,” Stephen Dewaele told the Flemish newspaper De Standaard.

Soulwax has also planned to include remixes of Bowie songs in the soundtrack. “There’s going to be a completely twisted version of “Heroes,” with different versions—one English, one German and a French one. The results should be very surprising, ” Dewaele added.

The admiration seems to go both ways, Bowie being an admirer of Reygaert and the Deaweles’s mash-up work according to past interviews.

The film will be released in October at the International Film Festival in Ghent, Belgium.

(pictured: Hannelore Knuts in a still from “Dave”)