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Less than two weeks after announcing their separation Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have reached an agreement to settle their divorce amicably and seem determined to remain discreet about the role of Scientology, the church of which Cruise is the most visible member, in their breakup.

“The matter is settled and an agreement was signed, “said Jonathan Wolfe, counsel for Katie Holmes, in a statement on Monday. “We thank Tom Cruise’s attorney for their professionalism in getting this resolved quickly,” he added, without elaborating further.

In a statement, The-couple-formerly-known-as-TomKat said, “we want to keep matters affecting our family private and express our respect for each other’s commitment to each of our respective beliefs and support each other’s roles as parents,” their statement said.

The actress, 33, who first appeared in the T.V. series “Dawson” (1998-2003) and who played an incorruptible prosecutor in “Batman Begins” (2005), announced on June 29 that she had filed for divorce from Tom Cruise.

The actor, who last week celebrated its 50th anniversary, said he was “saddened” by the divorce, and seemed to be taken by surprise.

The couple married in an Italian castle in 2006. This is Cruise’s third divorce. The actor was previously married to actresses Mimi Rogers (1987-1990) and Nicole Kidman (1990-2001). He has two adopted children with the latter, Isabella (19) and Connor (17).

The amicable settlement reached between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes should put an end to the media tug-of-war between people close to both parties.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have also issued a joint statement Monday in which they stressed their desire to protect their six year-old daughter Suri.

“We want to work together as parents in the best interest of our daughter Suri,” they wrote. “We want to keep for us the issues that affect our family.”

Both players also expressed their “mutual respect” for their “respective beliefs.” This term seems to be an allusion to the Church of Scientology, a controversial religious organization.

Raised a Catholic, Katie Holmes joined Scientology after meeting with Tom Cruise.

But according to major media, the role of Scientology in the education of young Suri has been the cause of the divorce initiated by Holmes. She fears being perceived as a threat–and therefore being monitored–by the religious organization.

The church has categorically denied such practices.

But on this subject as on others, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise do any more than their lawyers, no details.

Financial details concerning the agreement will in all likelihood be protected by stringent confidentiality clauses. That Tom Cruise is one of the most influential and best-paid actors in Hollywood is no secret, however.

When asked about the agreement, Tom Cruise spokesperson Amanda Lundberg, said: “It’s private information.”

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