John Carter has struck again

Warner Brothers president Alan Horn will lead Walt Disney, the studio announced yesterday. He replaces Rich Ross, who was pushed out after the “John Carter” fiasco (beaucoup bucks were spent with a paltry R.O.I., the end result being a write-off of $200M). Highly respected in Hollywood, Mr. Horn will take office on June 11.

Under his leadership Warner has had multiple successes, including the “Harry Potter” franchise, “Sherlock Holmes” and “Batman.” Horn, who’ll be answerable to C.E.O. Bob Iger, will be responsible for the entire film division, from Disney to its subsidiaries Pixar (“Toy Story,” “Cars”) and Marvel (“Iron Man,” “The Avengers”).

He will also manage the sales and marketing divisions as well as Disney music and its movie theaters.

“Alan not only has an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience in the business, he has a true appreciation of movie making as both an art and a business,” Iger said in statement. “He’s earned the respect of the industry for driving tremendous, sustained creative and financial success, and is also known and admired for his impeccable taste and integrity.”

Disney was transferred out of the I.C.U recently after the massive success of “The Avengers,” which to date has raised more than $1.25B worldwide, including $ 527M in here.