KRYSTEN RITTER in L!fe Happens

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You’ll remember Krysten Ritter (at left) from her performance in the best television series of all time, namely, Breaking Bad. Her turn was short-lived but the character lent a new intensity to the show and greatly increased the stakes for Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). More recently Ritter co-wrote a screenplay and the resulting movie, L!fe Happens, is coming out this week.

Ritter plays Kim, a young single who battles with her roommate Deena (Kate Bosworth) over the last condom left around the living-room. The discovery that Kim’s night of unprotected sex has resulted in a baby turns her life, and the movie, on its head.

Ritter co-wrote “L!fe Happens” with longtime pal Kat Coiro, who also directed.

(photo: Carol Sue Stoddard/PMK-BNC Film)

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