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Adam Sandler confirmed his prowess in making bad movies by raiding the awards table at the Razzies yesterday. Sometimes, bad can be so good, Sandler beating all previous records by claiming the award in all ten categories for Jack and Jill, a funky comedy in which he plays a family man and his sister.

In a strange twist Al Pacino won Worst Supporting Actor for playing himself in Jack & Jill while David Spade earned the Razzie for Worst Supporting Actress—what more is there to say other than Adam Sandler should stop acting like a poor man’s Judd Apatow when writing comedies. Sandler is one of our most enduring comedians, his S.N.L. skit characters were some the most memorable ones. On-screen, however, Sandler is at his most convincing in dramas. No comment to be found in Sandler’s Twitter feed.

Still from Jack & Jill

Seth MacFarlane (pictured below at the last Comic Con) is aiming to tickle our funny bone again with a feature film called Ted, a tongue-in-cheek romcom about that love-at-first-sight moment leading to a perfect relationship made unperfect by a fear of thunder. Yes, thunder. The real story is that John (played by Mark Wahlberg) brought his teddy bear to life with a wish, and now has to face some complications because of it.

Seth MacFarlane

Ted also stars Mila Kunis. She and Wahlberg previously appeared together in 2008’s Max Payne (check out the trailer which was just added online).

Ted will come out in theaters on July 13th, 2012.

Still from Ted 2

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