TRIBECA FEST – another bountiful year

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I’m putting together the grid for the next Tribeca Festival, which will occur next month. ScreenComment was born in New York, we cannot not give Tribeca the full coverage that it deserves (and Tribeca has always been friendlier to us than other festivals).

This year we’re sending a small army of film critics downtown, although it doesn’t seem quite enough. As always at Tribeca, there are massive amounts of films to be watched, discussed, and argued over, spread around a dozen locations in the Village and Tribeca.

On my grid I have about ninety movies, including feature films and documentaries. The only short film I want covered is a Canadian-made film called Trotteur, about a running man competing against a locomotive (because, how can you pass up on that?) And while it’s regretful that we can’t give other short films more attention, the sheer amount and breadth of the feature-length offerings make it nearly impossible to do so.

I love my job.

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