THE PRESS IN REVIEW – Hunger Games draws parents’ ire

Teenagers get obsessed - what else is new?

In an article for the Daily Beast Jamie Reno bemoans his pre-teen daughter’s obsession with Katniss Everdeen, the lead character from The Hunger Games, the phenom tentpole of 2012. He writes, ” … the Hunger Games has all but consumed her. Every time a trailer for the film comes on TV, she goes bonkers, screaming “Shhhhhhh!,” turning up the volume too high and opening her eyes about three times wider than normal—even if it’s a trailer she’s seen a dozen times.”

It is, indeed, an interesting phenomenon, and one that just deserves increased vigilance on the part of parents. But everytime a novel, which is then adapted into a movie, makes a killing at the box office, how can we not get up and cheer? Movies like The Hunger Games not only send a jolt of electricity through the film industry but also helps to raise the bar for how fast you can achieve pre-sales results. And that’s great for business.

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