Eddie Murphy in new Paramount comedy

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Was Eddie Murphy really ever gone from acting? And if so, can you call the recent string of underwhelming movies a comeback? Not sure. Meet Dave, Imagine That and Tower Heist all came and went without leaving much of an impression on anyone, critics or public. This Friday, Paramount’s A Thousand Words is coming out, starring Murphy and Kerry Washington.

Here’s what Steve Zeitchik of 24 Frames says about it: “a high-concept comedy that evokes early Jim Carrey movies, A Thousand Words focuses on a fast-talking book agent who learns he’ll die if he keeps speaking. So Murphy resorts to exaggerated gestures, leading Paramount to hope that the physical comedy will lure Murphy fans who haven’t seen him try that kind of thing in a while.”

It’s hard not to react to Murphy’s star quality, his cinematic muscle. You know, the same effect that some people have on others when they walk into a room. And judging from the trailer (insert link) I’d say that Murphy, who is turning 50 next month, is at the top of his game. So yes, this is a comeback and a good one at that. Let’s just hope that he picks some seriously good movies moving forward.


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