“Dolemite” is his name. Get used to it.

Film includes some Oscar-worthy performances
Eddie Murphy, Keegan-Michael Key and Mike Epps

“Dolemite is My Name”, the new film from the immensely-talented Craig Brewer, is a pleasant surprise and certainly one of the most entertaining and emotionally satisfying films I have seen this year. The wildly-vulgar character of Dolemite was the brainchild of struggling seventies comedian Rudy Ray Moore. Moore's material was too raw for the major record labels of those days, but the success ... more >

Eddie Murphy in new Paramount comedy

Don't call it a comeback

Was Eddie Murphy really ever gone from acting? And if so, can you call the recent string of underwhelming movies a comeback? Not sure. Meet Dave, Imagine That and Tower Heist all came and went without leaving much of an impression on anyone, critics or public. This Friday, Paramount’s A Thousand Words is coming out, starring Murphy and Kerry Washington. Here’s what Steve Zeitchik of 24 Frames ... more >

Eddie Murphy to host 2012 Academy Awards

Don't call it a comeback I've been here for years

Eddie Murphy will host the 2012 Oscar ceremony. Here’s hoping that he’ll fare better than recent presenters of the oh-so-long hoopla. His press release said, "I am enormously honored to join the great list of past Academy Award hosts from Hope and Carson to Crystal, Martin and Goldberg, among others [. . .] creating a show that is enjoyable for both the fans at home and for the audience at the ... more >