PREVIEW – God Bless America

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Most of us have learned to tune out the inconveniences of living in an increasingly crowded and complex world–the more bodies on the planet, the more ill-mannered individuals we are bound to run into. Take the multiplex: I for one can’t ignore people who text during the movie. It defeats the purpose of going to the movies and it’s distracting to others. But what can you do?

Writer and comedian Bobcat Goldthwait has come up with a solution for putting offenders back on the straight and narrow (only it’s kind of permanent) with a new movie, which he wrote and produced. God Bless America follows some terminally-ill Joe the Plumber type (Frank) as he becomes a kind of vigilante–but not for justice. He’ll pick on anyone who he finds personally annoying (as it were, we’re probably likely to get behind the cause).

Frank has had enough of the downward spiral of America. So naturally, he takes his gun and decides to mow down random people, who could be termed the Miss Manners Repeat Offender set (spoiled kids, arrogant drivers and serial texters). At his side, an unusual accomplice: a sixteen year-old girl (Tara Lynn Barr; pictured) who shares his sense of disenfranchisement.

This scathing and hilarious new movie, a kind of Falling Down (Joel Schumacher, 1993) mixed with Office Space and including Call of Duty enhancements, will be in theaters on May 11 and via VOD on April 6.

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