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As Screen Comment establishes itself as an indie and foreign-film review site we have to be on a constant search for the exotic flavor of the month, whether it’s new cinema from India, Ireland or Morocco. Speaking of Morocco, I’ve just added to our TRAILERS section a new film by a first-time filmmaker named Hicham Lasri that’s been very well-received at the 2011 Abu Dhabi International Film Festival; it was acquired by Insomnia Worldwide Sales.

Here’s a statement from Insomnia chief executive Luc Ntonga: “The End definitely merited its Special Award because film director Hicham Lasri has attempted something ambitious with his first film: to decrypt the premises of a revolution. With many other red carpet events at the corner, no doubt the film will attract sophisticated audiences.”

The End is set in Casablanca in the summer of 1999. As longtime monarch Hassan II lays on his deathbed there’s an air of uncertainty weighing down on the city, and especially on M’Kay, a marginalized young man who finds a surrogate father figure in “pit bull” police commissioner Daoud.

M’Kay begins a relationship with the enchanting Rita, although she is kept under close watch by her gangster brothers. Daoud, it turns out, has a dark tie to Rita’s past.

As a page of Moroccan history is turned marking the final days of Hassan II, various events will lead M’Kay, Daoud and Rita towards a final and climactic confrontation.

The End moves dizzyingly fast and rumbles with music, action and is packed with shenanigans and intrigue. I’m so there!

Our REVIEW of The End will be published soon.

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