Is Jonah Hill ready for his Esquire shoot?

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Is a skinny comedian better than a fat comedian? Have you seen the incredible metamorphosis of Jonah Hill lately? Sometimes an image will show all that needs to be showed, so here it goes (image courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter; it was taken at the premiere of Moneyball in Oakland, California–uncredited)


Jonah Hill is barely recognizable. Gone is the jew-fro, the skater shorts and the rub-me-please belly. Is Jonah Hill ready for his Paris Match close-up? I personally preferred him as fat because fat and funny go super well together (except that in this case we would laugh with Jonah Hill, not at Jonah Hill).

Does this new skinniness affect his bankability? I wonder what Judd Apatow thinks of the new Jonah. And how will this affect the roles he will be offered in the future? Yes, I know, by now you’re probably incensed that I would write this since yes, shedding weight in order to live a long and healthful life is a no-brainer–agreed. But I will miss you, Seth (in a still from Superbad)

Judging from the picture above, Jonah Hill may be seen modeling clothes in your favorite monthly style magazine. And that would be quite the transformation.

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