The Caller

New thriller from Samuel Goldwyn hits the spot
Rachelle Lefevre, Stephen Moyer and Luis Guzmán
Directed by Matthew Parkhill

The Caller is a very cool indie film coming out on August 26 which should assuredly scare the pants off you. Finally a thriller which borders on the horror genre but with a plot which you can sink your teeth in (and almost nothing in the way of gore or blood).

Mary, a recently divorced young woman (Rachelle Lefevre) moves into an apartment which still seems inhabited by its former occupant. At least, that’s what you’re made to think based on the strange and frequent phone calls the woman gets asking for that person.

When the stranger reveals she’s calling from the past, Mary tries to break all contact. But the caller doesn’t appear to want to be ignored and looks for revenge.

Have a look at the trailer